Hey there, I'm Saurav Dhungana. Musings of my Mind is an independent publication I started in December 2023. Here I share my personal perspective on data, AI and the impact this new technological epoch will bring to our world.

Read about why I started this blog here.

My Interests

My main interests lie in understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying intelligence systems, multi-sided market economics and sustainable development.

I'm mainly driven by the possibilities of building systems that can think, learn and reason like humans and bring out real / sustainable impact in the world. I also believe in maintaining harmony with nature, and technology should be developed sustainably.

Current Work

I'm currently based out of Kathmandu, Nepal, working with Silicon Valley AI startups in advisory and consultant roles. This mainly constitutes acting as a Head of AI or Chief Scientist - doing research, product architecture & development, as well as GTM strategy with the founders.

I'm also laying the foundations for a global AI Product Studio and Research Lab, that has Data Security and Privacy at it core. This will be a collaborative hub for developing my product ideas; as well as investing in and providing strategic support for early stage AI startups.

Past Work

I have over 12+ years of experience in the building of products at the intersection of Data, AI and human-centered design. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the largest companies in the world like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc., as well as have co-founded companies in the Fintech and Healthcare sectors.

Most of my work entails performing greenfield research and system architecture for data-first products.

Get in touch

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or email me at saurav<at>gmail.com.

I'm always open to project collaborations, advisory roles, and general sharing of ideas.